Fabrikat  is  digital  product  studio  focused  on  building  productive  devtools,  highly  performant  websites  and  novel  online  apps. 

Being creators at heart, we develop and manage commercial and open source products that hundreds of makers rely on daily. We love to work on exciting projects, helping visions come to fruition through collaboration and systematic thinking.

Building  productivity  enhancing  systems  and  design  patterns  is  at  the  core  of  our  doing. 


Type: WordPress plugin

An always available dashboard for WordPress that allows you to quickly navigate between admin pages and posts. Easily initialised with a key combination from anywhere.


Type: WordPress plugin

Kickstart your WordPress development process with fully functional and ready-made elements. Available as native web components, shortcodes and various page builder wrappers.


Type: WordPress plugin

Declare Gutenberg blocks in a single file along with logic, markup and interactivity or kickstart development with the included library. Requires Advanced Custom Fields Pro or Metabox Blocks.


Type: WordPress theme

A minimal WordPress theme, packed with useful functions and features to reduce repetetive tasks and make life easier.


Type: Online code editor

Online code editor to share code snippets written in HTML, CSS and Javascript. Automatically saves work to your local storage so projects persists without any form of registration.